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Genuine leather leisure chair maintenance knowledge


The general maintenance method of the leisure chair:

A, after cleaning the surface of the clean chair with clean soft cloth, the leather fabric can be evenly wiped on the surface with leather detergent or glazing agent, then clean and clean with clean soft cloth later. Or with warm water diluted neutral detergent (1%-3%) first wipe, then dry clean water to wipe clean, and finally dry cloth shiny, after the full dry use of appropriate leather maintenance agent can be evenly wiped.

B, textile fabrics such as cotton, hemp, artificial fiber and so on are sensitive to acidic substances. They should be disassembled and dry cleaned, not washed and banned. If loose ends are found, hands can not be broken, and scissors should be used to trim them.

C, should avoid oil stains, ball pen, ink and other dirty chairs. If you are inadvertently dirty, use leather cleaners immediately to clean the idle chair, such as no leather detergent, a clean white towel with a little alcohol and a light smear, then dry a wet towel with a little dry, and finally use a protective agent. The sand and leather chairs can not be cleaned by using the above cleaning methods (except for oil stains on the leather), and can be gently brushed with fine copper brush to restore their beauty.

D, body rest chair should leave 5 -10mm, keep ventilation.

E, body idle chair parts are not flexible or metal parts, connectors and other loose, should tighten the connection screw or properly add lubricating oil.

F, wood handrails paint because of excessive exposure to wet objects, apply hot and humid towels to white to fade.

G, Wei carpenter's dermis leisure chair sits on the back of the bag and deforms. As long as the force is slapped, it can revive the sitting sponge and duck hair.

Tattle leather leisure chair attention:

A and handheld products were sprayed on the surface of about 10cm, and each part was sprayed until wet.

B, wash the wet towels or sponge with clean water (when the skin of the cow is dirty, use warm water), rub it with your hands, rub the leather gently, wipe off the dirt and dirt. Wash the towels, wipe the cattle leather, remove dirt and dirt.

C, continue cleaning the towel, repeat the above steps until the cleaning part is finished. Let cattle hide dry naturally and avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight.

D, after each cleaning, skin protectant should be used for nursing.

The precautions of the leisure chair:

A, body rest chair is placed on the flat floor, the bottom of the four corners is preferably cushioned to prevent damage to the floor when moving.

B, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the toilet chair. If it is made of cattle leather, use a nursing agent before using it to wipe the surface of the idle chair one to two times (do not use waxy care), thus forming a protective film on the surface of the cow leather (dermis), so that the foul is not easy in the future. Deep dermal pores, easy to clean in the future.

C, should avoid jumping on the upper seat of leisure chairs to avoid deformation after local compression and affect the use.

D, avoid contact surfaces with sharp corners or tool tools to prevent scratches.

E, should avoid sunshine long time chair leisure chair cause leather fabric deformation and lose elasticity, if often have sunshine, should be separated for a period of time several leisure chairs intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious;

F, should avoid rain or excessive moisture to cause leather surface expansion and relaxation, lose elasticity or cause leather fading, panchromatic or mildew. If the humidity is large, you can use the weak sun from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. for 7 days, 1 hours a day for about 3 months.

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